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Japan's employment situation

A shrinking domestic workforce

Japan faces a severe era of population decline

In recent years, the labor shortage has been identified as a major problem in Japan, and some industries and business sectors are already actually experiencing critical labor shortfalls.The low birthrate will cause the population to continue to shrink in the future, and the prospects for resolving the labor shortage going forward are slim.Therefore, it will become increasingly necessary to recruit and train foreign talent in order to overcome this problem.

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Number of Japanese Workers in Japan

Action by the Japanese Government

Japanese government supports actively admitting highly skilled foreign professionals

To promote the admission of highly skilled foreign professionals, the Ministry of Justice has introduced a system which establishes preferential provisions for immigration control when hiring candidates recognized as "highly skilled foreign professionals."

【What is a highly skilled foreign professional?】
This refers to "exceptional professionals with a complementary relationship to domestic assets and labor who cannot be substituted," and "can be expected to bring about innovation in domestic industries, to stimulate the development of our nation's specialist and technical labor markets through hard work with Japanese colleagues, and to improve the efficiency of the nation's labor market."

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Permitted number of Student Visa→Work Visa conversions

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