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Successful Cases

Super Hotel Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Front Desk Manager Candidate
Enthusiasm was recognized despite the large number of applicants, resulting in a job offer

I succeeded in finding a job in Japan. I studied Japanese because I have loved Japanese culture since childhood. My dream of some day working in Japan has come true.
I will do my best to learn customer service, as well as Japanese manners and working habits to be able to satisfy customers.

Onze Holdings

Real Estate Sales Salary: ¥230K + performance bonus
Keio University Graduate Student N1

This industry is one that provides customers with the living environment that is a fundamental human need, so my work allows me to provide something that is essential to the lives of our customers.
I hope to improve my knowledge of real estate and polish my proposal and sales skills.

Showa Crane Mfg. Co. (Osaka)
*First Foreign Hire

Mechanical Design
University: Mechanical Design major

Before I joined the company, they sent me reference materials so I could study specialist knowledge, and they sent me to study at a Japanese language school and prepared company housing for me after I joined, so I am very satisfied with the environment as a place to work long-term. I am the only foreign employee at the company right now, but I hope the number of foreign staff increases and we can make this a vibrant company.

NEO Co., Ltd. (Mie Prefecture)

Web Design and Administration
Salary: ¥270K, company housing, bonuses

I changed jobs from a company in Fukuoka to a company in Mie. At first, I had wanted to work at a company in Tokyo, and had several interviews, but I did not pass any.
Looking beyond Tokyo, I took a job at this company, where they treat me well and created a environment where I can work long-term, and I have been here for a year and a half now. The work keeps me busy, but every day is fulfilling.

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